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AWE receives many emails from previous participants. We are not going to bore you with all of them, but here are a few!

If you have something to say about your experience in the USA with AWE - click here.

Hi there!!! Ihave just come back from America where I worked this summer;actually I shouldn't say \'work\' cause it was more like fun; I made a lot of friends there and now that I'm back in Romania I can say that I miss them a lot; AWE gave me the best solution for spending the summer 'cause I combined both work and fun;it was the time of my life;everybody who still have question marks about going or not should let them apart and go for it; I can say for sure that next year you will be the one writing instead of me

Raluca (Romania)

I would like to tell you about this summer I spent in America. It takes a special place in my memory. It was my first trip to this country. We have landed in NY in the evening. We could spend there only one night, because we had to go to our working place the next morning. We were observing NY on the way to our hotel, but we didn’t see much of it. The city is crowded with people; it is busy and full of lights at night. It seems to be a separate bright world.Our summer we spent in a small city at the seaside. The name of it is Seaside Heights. It is very famous with boardwalk and different kinds of amusement stores, rides and so on. I stayed there all the summer. It was completely different from places I used to work before. Crowds of people all the days long, loud music… Later I did not care about it. My work helped me to feel free with people. I have met many interesting people. Some of them are my friends now.When the season finished, we felt upset. We had to say good-bye to our friends and go home.I have no any regrets about my visiting USA this summer. I have got more than I expected. I have got a great experience. This trip made me believe more in myself.I thank AWE and their representatives in our country – “LRT” for helping us. Thank you!

Julia (Latvia)
America…., many dream to go over there. I wasn’t the exclusion.Finally, we arrived to Seattle and my adventures began. First we could hardly understand Americans, they would talk too fast and peculiar some. For the first several days I felt rather stiff and reserved, foreign country, foreign language. But in few days I got used to the peculiarities of speech and talked free, thanks to education at our University. I only wish to add that I spent unforgettable summer, was nostalgic sometimes but it’s all natural. At the end I was happy to be back home, meet my family and friends and tell them stories about my trip.

Maxim (Russia)
I wanted to work in the USA for the summer because I think it`s a great opportunity to practise the language and earn some extra bucks. I participated in the summer work and travel program of AWE and I can say everything worked out well. I would say this was one of my best summers in my life. I made lots of friends, I traveled a lot, I had a very good job. I was dining room server in the Old Faithful Inn, which has the most famous dining room in Yellowstone. I found this job on the internet so I was a self-arranged applicant for AWE. I met all kinds of people and I think after this summer it`s much more easy for me to build good relation with strangers in a short time. Everything else was great, whenever I called AWE, they were very helpful.I can recommend Yellowstone as a workplace for international students, especially because they really don`t discriminate us. If you are a good worker, you can be in almost any position, they respect your talent and stamina. But the most important: AWE and the United States gave me such a good summer in 2002 that I will always remember. If nothing goes extremely wrong, this summer will change my future and make it even better.

Balazs (Hungary)
I am Miklos, a happy AWE work and travel participant from Hungary, actually a returnee. Why? First of all because I like the United States a lot and I do enjoy coming back. This was my second summer with AWE, before that I tried other organisations, too but only AWE is proved to be good one for my needs. Summer is challenging. If you do it right you can have a fantastic experience, to meet lots of friends, explore new areas, to get to know other ideas and make good money. Maybe not in the first year but sooner or later you will for sure. Every state is unique with slightly different habits and different people. But at the same time they have the same
principles and they are able to cooperate. With other words they are united but not unified. I think that this must be a clear message to the creators of the European Union. It is just one impression you are about to face over there. Called: culture sock. Do not worry you will love it.

Miklos (Hungary)
"Thanks a lot for sending me newsletters. It's pleasant to know you still remember of me. Camp director approves my qualification (I even got "Super Counsellor" title!). I like my job as a swimming instructor and become a real professional in teaching American kids! By the way, the other instructors who came with other agencies are not getting bonuses. So I'm completely satisfied by our co-operation and I'm going to recommend AWE to my numerous friends interested in getting summer job in USA. My experience will help them to form a positive opinion about AWE."

Anna (Russia)
Last year I spent my summer time in the United States. I participated in ' American Work Experience' program.I was working in Six Flags Amusement Park in Valencia, California. My job was operating the rides and games. We were living in the CSUN College (California State University in Northridge). I had a wonderful and unforgettable time in the US. I met a lot of very nice people and I was able to visit a lot of nice cities such as Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and also Grand Canyon which made a great impression on me. My opinion is that work abroad programs like AWE is a great thing. It is very good that there is a possibility for Europeans to travel abroad and experience an other culture, meet new people and friends. I do hope that more and more people will be able to experience an awesome summer in US!

Adrienn (Hungary)
The story of my American Work Experience is a lot longer than could squeeze it into a couple of sentences, but are not all our stories like that? The most important part, finding a job was the most difficult also. Being a return applicant I was lucky enough to have a number of friends overseas who could assist me on that. Actually my employer from the summer of 2001 helped the most with offering a new job and looking for an apartment we could rent. By the time my girlfriend and I applied with AWE for another season in the States we were mostly sure about what was going to happen in the summer of 2002. The program application process itself has given me an impression of AWE working as a well oiled machine. All the representatives who I needed to contact were enthusiastic and cooperative. Their assistance with the visa application at the embassy was a real asset for us. I probably could not have done it all without their help, especially without Agnes, my representative of AWE in Hungary. I spent a brilliant summer on Cape Cod, MA. The hard hours of work gave me enough to spend on travel fun and lots of other stuff that cannot be achieved being a tourist. Living and going out with everyday people for another summer was extremely valuable and a time of my life that I always will remember with smile on my face and love in my heart. Being a return applicant (and now an almost frequent visitor in the US) I had the pleasure to take a deeper insight in the rich and dense culture of America and a better understanding of the Americans. I do believe that sharing this unique experience is something that I will always be grateful towards AWE. I hope they can continue their mission in bringing people together from the two continents for many years to come.

Laszlo (Hungary)
I was only able to arrive in the USA in early August. I had originally been placed at Six Flags in Chicago, but due to the late arrival, I went instead to Six Flags in New Jersey. This presented difficulties for the NJ Administration. Despite this, they received me warmly and promised to assist as much as possible. The situation above meant that I had to make independent accommodation arrangements and also embark on a personal job search. While this put stress on my finances, it also enabled me appreciate the American system better. I also gained useful insights in preparing for job interviews. Ultimately, Six Flags NJ found a job for me as a Park Attendant. Though this was close to the time when the Park was closing, I gained valuable experiences and interacted with other young people from different parts of the world. This would have been enhanced further if I were housed where other international students were. Congratulations for the time and the effort put in by AWE and your representative to make a success.

Selikem (Ghana)
I arrived at Six Flags Gt. America (Chicago) in July to a very cordial reception. I must confess that their relations were just spectacular. They gave us the orientations needed; the accommodation was perfect, and we had a reliable transportation system, which ensured that we commuted to and from work daily without any hitch. I had the opportunity to work in different departments at Six Flags, and the cumulative experiences and learning points are as follows: I met and interacted with people from different countries with diverse cultures. This social interaction has broadened my worldview. While I had had prior yet limited work experience in my country, I got a real feel of real world of work at Six Flags. What I admired most was the professional attitude we were made to work and the concept of working according to time just fantastic. I was recognized and rewarded for effective performance and achievement of targets. This served to boost my morale and served as an incentive to perform better.

Johnson (Ghana)
The actual summer was a great time that AWE agency enabled me to experience. I worked for restaurant making good money, working with nice people and besides that I got to know a lot of new people who become my friends and also at the end of summary I traveled a lot, visiting more states and its cities on the West Coast. I am very thankful to AWE for making my summer a great experience when I could fully relied on its help and service not only at home but also in the United States, of course . I can and I will fully recommend the agency to other potential clients.

Martina (Slovakia


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